Fort Rouge Curling Club - Rock Handle Sponsorship Program

    As part of our 100th Anniversary celebration, Fort Rouge Curling Club is pleased to announce the launch of a sponsorship program to replace all our curling rock handles.

    You now have the opportunity to have your name, your family’s names, company name, or memorial message engraved on one or more rock handles.

    To purchase your handle(s) please follow this link: Rock Handle Purchase


    Program Details


    Q: Why is the club doing this?
    A: Our previous rock handle sponsorship program that launched about 30 years ago was very popular and handles sold out quickly. Over the years, we have had repeated requests from Rougers wanting to purchase rock handles, but none were available. As this is our Centennial season, we thought the timing was perfect to launch a new rock handle sponsorship to respond to the requests.


    Q: How are rock handle sponsorships being sold?
    A: Requests for rock handle sponsorships will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. There are only 96 rock handles to be engraved. We will place the order for rock handles when we have enough sponsored to purchase all the handles (about 1/2 sold) and start replacing the handles as they return from the engravers.


    Q: What is the cost to sponsor one rock handle?
    A: Each handle will cost $250 for a ten-year term. This includes taxes, engraving costs, and delivery.


    Q: Can I choose what sheet my handle(s) goes on?
    A: The plan is for sponsored rock handles to be implemented initially on sheets 3 and 4, followed by sheets 2 and 5, and finally on sheets 1 and 6, all on a first purchased, first placed basis.


     Q: How did you arrive at a $250 per handle cost?
    A: We reached out to various Winnipeg Clubs who have recently launched a similar rock handle sponsorship program to learn the costs involved and the pricing ranges chosen. After careful consideration, we felt that a $25 per season investment was a very good value.


    Q: What are you doing with the proceeds from the handle sales?
    A: As we embark into the next 100 years of curling at Fort Rouge, we recognize that we will have many infrastructure challenges going forward, that will incur large costs. This is one way to help fund the many anticipated projects such as roof replacement or ice plant components renewal, to name a couple.


    Q: Why is there a ten-year term?
    A: Based on our research, a ten-year term is now considered the norm. It provides ongoing opportunities for more Rougers in the future to purchase handles and it provides the club with new long-term fundraising opportunities.


    Q: What happens if my handle is broken during my ten-year term?
    A: The club will replace your handle with the original message at no charge to the sponsor.


    Q: Can I choose any message to be engraved on my handle?
    A: Common message examples include your name, family’s names, company name, or memorial message. The Board reserves the right to approve or disapprove handle messages, as all messages must be in good taste and not offensive.


    Q: How long can my message be?
    A: The sponsor's message on the rock handles can be up to 32 characters.


    Q: I was a part of the original rock handle sponsorship program. Can I take my old handle home?
    A: Certainly, you are welcome to keep your handle as a memento once the new handle replaces it. The onus will be on the “original purchaser” to contact the club to arrange pick up of the old handle.



    If you would like more information, please contact the program administrators, House and Ice Chair, Erik Wallace or Manager, Jeff Hodge, in the office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 204-475-0888 ext. 0. We are here to help. 


    To purchase your handle(s), please register your information and make payment by Visa or Mastercard at Rock Handle Purchase



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